Reading, Writing & Arithmetic

What’s happening in Lockdown?

My writing had almost dried up in the months before Covid-19 due to my other hobby – music. I had been playing with friends, studying for my grade exams, going out to gigs, listening to music, writing and editing scores – no time for words in my life.

Now, however, I’ve got plenty of time on my hands (along with everyone else). So what have I been doing?

Reading – I’ve got so many books on my bookshelves (real or electronic) that are unopened or have a bookmark one chapter in. I have started working my way through them. I’d almost forgotten what fun reading is.

Writing – working on a follow-up to my ‘Poet and Philosopher’ and enjoying exploring the characters of my protagonists. They are both nice in there own way and I never really knew them until now.

Arithmetic – One of my guilty secrets is that I love maths and I’ve always been interested in mathematical modelling of all kinds. Well an epidemic is a great thing to model and the government releases the known number of infections by area. So from a couple of weeks data, I worked out a crude exponential model.

I won’t go into the details of my modelling other than to say that the lockdown has worked very well. Had we have ignored the virus, we would now all have been infected and approx half a million people would have died. Rather sobering.

So what of the future. Just tonight our clown-in-chief indicated that the government has abdicated responsibility for directing our actions. People at the lower levels of society, who have to go to work, must expose themselves and their families to danger or starve.

I await the first case brought under the health and safety at work act. Meantime I will continue to stay at home and write a few words from time to time.

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