Well, we are in the middle of a U.K. General Election campaign and I have stopped listening to or reading the news. I’m not a very good citizen.

But everyone has a view of politics and everyone is interested (briefly) in other people’s stance, so I’ll put mine down – though I find that most people’s view of other people’s politics begins and ends with whether they have a similar stance to oneself.

I am basically an unreconstructed hippy. Which for me means that I am mostly interested in how people are treated by the state and by each other. I was on the losing side of the Brexit debate, not because I think we will be wealthier in the market (though I do) but because I think co-operation and friendship are the most important things in all international relations.

When it comes to political parties, though, this can be a problem. There is no party I agree with 100% and no party I disagree with 100%. I am glad of this ambiguity!

I am drawn to the Greens (see previous ‘unreconstructed hippy’ statement), can support most of Labour’s plans (though I’m not a fan of nationalisation), think that the Liberals always mean well, and even see the logic used by the Torries in being strict about budgetary contraints.

So how will I vote? The bottom line is ‘tactically’. As I haven’t yet seen the candidate literature in my area, I can’t pin that down yet. I will be reading manifestos (when available) and voting anti-Brexit when I have.

I don’t want to lose any British friends in this dispute – but I’d rather lose them than my French, German, Dutch and Spanish ones. And while we’re here, I might like to add that my uncle was Polish – and a very good man he was too.

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