Final revisions

Well my latest novel ‘Magic Dan’ is now a month overdue and on it’s ‘final’ draft. So what’s so difficult?

Well – polishing a story is a slow process. You revise. You read. You spot the typos and mistakes you have have missed on the previous revisions. Then you notice where a vital piece of the plot is missing. Then you have to put the thing away until you regain your confidence. Then you revise. You read. You spot the typos…..

Then you give it to a trusted collaborator (Sue) who reads it and spots the typos and mistakes and the vital missing pieces of plot.

You revise……

But I’m nearly there and then it will just be the cover design, the formatting, the checking and the final revisions before I start the process of promotion.

Still – it really still fun. But in writing this blog I’m just distracting myself from revising, reading, spotting the typos….

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