Publication day for Mr Logic

Well, all the editing and drafting (6 cycles of editing and corrections) is over and the files are submitted to Amazon. So, after an uneasy night’s sleep, anyone is now¬†able to purchase my first ebook – the print edition is still being reviewed, but should be available soon.
It’s an odd feeling. I used to play guitar (badly) in a heavy metal band, some thirty years ago. I remember the feeling just before you went on stage and this is like a decaffeinated version of the same thing – jittery stomach, no ability to concentrate and a search for something to take your mind off it. Unlike getting on stage, though, there is no resolution to this. I just suppose that the feeling will gradually fade as I get used to the fact that people will be able to read my stuff and pass judgement on it.
I hope other people are as interested as I am in sex and drugs and double-entry bookkeeping!

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